• Office Computers

    Let us provide fast and affordable computer systems for you. We can setup your new computer systems including email, office application, accounting software and backups. We can maintain and keep your system up to date, safe from security threats

    Business Website

    Our design team can tailor make a website that suites your business, allowing your customers to find and contact you faster than the competition with Google Maps and Google Advertising integration

    Business Email

    Need a company email? Our managed email service includes customized emails with cloud support, spam filtering, backups, and all your devices; phone, tablet, computer connected

    Remote Access & Backups

    Working from home or traveling we can provide reliable, secure and affordable remote access to your home or office data and devices

    Your data is essential and we can keep it safe for you. Whether it’s your company documents or family photos we can create an automated backup system to keep your data safe

    Surveillance Systems

    We can build a custom surveillance system featuring motion sensing, night vision, automated alerts and access from your mobile phone or tablet. Our systems come fully installed, configured and guaranteed


  • Honest, professional and obviously very experienced. I was looking for someone I could trust and I found it in IT GurU. You know they’re in it to do a good job and not just to charge the fee.

    - Isabella, Client

  • He is definitely the best guy to ask to fix your computer. He has so much knowledge and doesn't rip you off. Whenever my computer has a have problem I will be back to him for sure!

    - Hajime, Client

  • Very friendly, great service and priced well. Much cheaper than expected for their time spent. Would definitely recommend them. Thanks guys.

    - Gavin, Client

  • I highly recommend this business. The technician was able to retrieve all of my files from my dead hard drive when I thought I'd lost everything. Thank you so much for your help - Would definitely use again.

    - Elle, Client

  • The service was efficient and I was quoted (and later charged) way below what the competitor had quoted. With very little IT knowledge, it was such a relief to find a professional that I could trust

    - Andrea, Client

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